Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Snapshots

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some glimpses of my day (the good parts). I am a bit sleep deprived and that does not mix well with whiny children. Christoph gave me tulips, I went shopping, took Emily to swimming lessons, babysat, helped Emily get her Valentines ready for school tomorrow, and now I'm going to relax with my hubby and watch a movie. Hope your day was great and you felt loved!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pictures of my Life

So, last Saturday I turned thirty. It's been a crazy week and quite honestly I don't feel any different. I wanted to put these up sooner, actually on a day by day basis, but that didn't happen. Oh well. My birthday itself was pretty low key, I had to work the day before and after, so it was just a nice day of being lazy and hanging out with the fam. My brother Joel watched the girls so we could catch a movie. It was a relaxing day. Anyway, here's the pictures I took...Things that I'm thankful for, impact my life and make me happy. They are:

Lounging in front of the fire

 Katrina's curls

 Emily's eyes

 Swiss Rolls

 Eating fruit

 Elmo's World

 Taking care of my babies


 My darling husband

 The promise of Spring

 The love of friends.

Life is good!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentines Fun

I just had to put in a quick little plug for Snapfish. They have these cute little free e-cards you can make and send out for Valentine's Day. I had fun making one and sending it out to family and friends. Check it out: