Monday, June 2, 2008

It's the Final Coutdown

My brother Joel had the song, "It's the Final Countdown" on his cell phone for a while. I would hear it every time I would call him. I've had it ringing through my head for the past few days, pretty much whenever I think about this baby coming. Which is a lot, since he is quite large and it's hard to move without noticing him. The lyrics of the song can be applied to pregnancy in a weird sort of way, "We've got no one to blame, Will things ever be the same". Maybe I'm just losing my mind...

Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick post, as it might be my last chance during this pregnancy. I can't believe nine months have passed already. I started off this pregnancy with a bit of trepidation. Feeling like maybe Katrina was still too little and wondering if I can handle three kids, not to mention strange feelings that something was going to go wrong. Luckily, Katrina was keeping me so busy I didn't have time to dwell on that for long. Between feeling completely exhausted and nauseas, it wasn't much fun in the beginning. Then came the second trimester, when it was easy to forget I was even pregnant because of all the other demands on my time. Then those little flutters would remind me and I would feel very overwhelmed. Then the last trimester and the frantic concerns that things weren't ready and never would be. Now, it's the end. My mom will be here in five short hours and all the important stuff is in place. The house is fairly clean and I am telling myself to relax and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy, because it could end any time. I still wonder if I can be a good mother of three, but at this point, I'm in full baby anticipation mode, so I only think of it on bad days when I have no patience for the girls. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying that wonderful, indescribable feeling of a baby kicking, and putting in as much cuddle time with the girls as I can. We took some pictures of me last Friday at 39 weeks. I just have to wince a little when I see them, it's a little hard to see the beauty there. Then I remind myself how completely amazing it is that the human body can do that. I mean really! I don't enjoy having a poochy belly, saggy breasts, and too many stretch marks to count, but really, in the long run, who cares. Not Christoph fortunately. I've never been into two piece bathing suits anyway! :) Sorry if these pictures are too graphic. Christoph was having fun with perspective, and even though it pains me to look at them, I kinda think they're cool at the same time. Isn't it amazing how clothes can camouflage? I wanted to make some black and white, so they wouldn't be so stark, but I don't know how. =p Christoph has been too busy for that, maybe I'll change them tonight, if I'm not in labor...Five more days until my due date!


  1. lisa, you look beautiful! i can't believe how perfectly round and cute your belly is, love it! you're right, clothes do disguise, but i think the belly in all of its glory is amazing :) can't wait to hear news when he arrives!

  2. Praise God, your waiting is now over! Micah was born two days ago, and he's beautiful! And yes, it is amazing the way God sets it up to happen! That a whole other human being can be formed inside our body--that's just a miracle, no other word for it! It's completely amazing that a new human being, unique in personality and DNA from all other human beings, is formed in the womb, watched over by God (Psalm 139), then is born with yes, characteristics of both parents and other family members, but with his own sparkling personality and own unique characteristics that make him him! What a wonder, that we get to participate in! It never grows old, to contemplate the formation of a new, precious human being, whom we dearly love, added to our family! May the Lord bless you all mightily! Love, Mom/Grammy (Nancy Neumann)