Thursday, January 1, 2009

December Twenty-Fourth

December Twenty-Fourth

I was hoping to take a picture of Emily singing in the Christmas Eve program at our church, but we weren't supposed to use flash and I didn't get any good ones. She did a wonderful job singing her little heart out. This was one of the most hectic Christmas Eves I can remember. Usually we stay home and spend lots of time with family, but Emily REALLY wanted to participate in the Christmas Eve service, so we worked it in. Somehow there were a hundred little things to get done during the day. In the evening my in-laws came over and sung carols together while I made dinner. It wasn't quite the traditional Italian feast I grew up eating, but it was still Italian. Then we dashed out the door for church, enjoyed the service and came back to our house for dessert.

We have a Christmas Eve tradition of opening one present before bed. I loved this tradition when I was a kid, so I've carried it on with my own kids. The presents from mom and dad aren't under the tree until Christmas morning, but there a still ones from kind friends and relatives to choose from. It gives a little foretaste of the next day's delights. I love this picture of Emily. You can see the anticipation and excitement filling her eyes.

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  1. Wish I could of been there to hear my little darling. Maybe next year.