Monday, February 9, 2009


Remember At the end of January we traveled down to California. More about this in a little bit. While we were there I stopped by Forest Lawn where Christoph's grandparents are buried. It was an unplanned trip, but we were in the neighborhood and I felt compelled to stop. I mean, we aren't in that area very often and it seemed wrong to pass up the opportunity. Of course, explaining what I was doing to the kids was a little more complicated.

I mean, what do you say...This person who was related to you, but you have no memory of, is dead and buried here and we're stopping by to visit? I mean the whole concept of visiting a graveside is a little strange. Especially for a Christian who knows that it's just the person's body and they're nowhere around. So, that got me thinking, why did I feel the desire to stop at all? Nana

I think the reason is because I know how much she meant to Christoph. She played a huge part in making him who he is and I know he misses her. She was kind to me and I know she would have loved to meet her great-grandkids and hold them and spoil them. So, we stopped. We left some pink roses because pink was her favorite color. It was nice to sit on the hillside for a minute, look out over the city and tell my kids a little about their great-grandmother and what a neat lady she was. Nana, you are not forgotten.

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