Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a girl!

Well, the doctor wasn't very happy with some of the views the got at my big ultrasound two weeks ago, so she sent my back for another one. Bonus! This time we decided to leave the kids at home. It was fun to do something just the two of us. It was quiet and we could just enjoy seeing the baby. this US tech seemed much less rushed and less eager to get rid of us (I wonder why!). She was able to get the money shot and told us we are having a girl! Then she stated that she needed practice with the 3D/4D machine and did we mind if she took some pictures. Did we mind? Are you kidding? We were thrilled!

I've always been so curious about 3D ultrasound, but never had the chance with any of my other kids. I was so curious if it would look anything like what my babies actually look like in real life. (admit it, we've all seen some of those more freaky looking 3D pictures.) After they couldn't determine the sex last time, we actually looked into going to one of those places that specializes in 3D ultrasounds, but we just couldn't justify spending $200+ on something so trivial, especially with three other kids to raise and all the regular expenses of having a baby. Oh, but I was sooo tempted.

So, she pulled out the big 3D/4D wand and went looking. Apparently, this little girl likes to snuggle with the placenta, which is also located toward the front of my abdomen. Not dangerous, but it makes getting pictures mighty tricky! Anyway, her picture is a little freaky looking I will admit. You have the placenta, plus her arm and the umbilical cord all getting in the way. I do see some resemblance to my other kiddos around the mouth and I love that her cheeks are already round. So fun!

Well, another girl. I really couldn't decide which I was hoping for. A boy would have been nice, to have things even as Emily says. A playmate for Micah. Easier for room sharing. But girls. Girls are so much fun. I love to dress little girls. So, far I have found girls to be easier to raise (I realize I have no teenagers yet). I'm happy. It wasn't my decision and I would have been happy with either. I'm just thinking of all the things I love about baby girls. Except for naming her. Now that's going to be a bear of a job.

We wanted to do something special to tell the other kids the news. Being that we are having a girl and Valentines Day is coming up, it was pretty easy to find something pink to eat. Blue would have be a LOT harder. We stopped at the store on our way home and bought some pink frosted cupcakes. The kids were thrilled, especially Katrina. Katrina was over the moon. Emily was disappointed, but she got over it pretty quickly and seemed to accept that God decided a girl would be best for our family, not a boy. For some reason I didn't take a single picture. Fail

Here's our girl, smush face and all. One is a profile, one is straight on.

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