Thursday, October 4, 2007


Emily makes me laugh, probably on a daily basis. I love the little things that come out of her mouth. I just wanted to write some of them down for posterity. This is just a random collection of little things said on many different occasions.

The other day Christoph was telling Emily that she needed to put her shoes on in preparation for them leaving, when he noticed there was something in her shoe. "Watch out," he says, "There's something in there."
"That's Winnie the Pooh," she replies. "He is having a time out."
"Why does Winnie need a time out," Christoph questions.
"He just needed one," she answers magnanimously. The really funny part to us is we have never used time outs as punishment. Something she picked up at daycare and from friends and relatives.

Emily loves to create imaginary friends to play with. For a long time these friends were her real friends that she would "pretend" were visiting. Most often Emma and Madison, or our friends the Lozanos. Now she is branching out and coming up with people who are completely from her imagination. Today it was "Granny Smith Apple Girl". She says to me, "That Granny Smith Apple Girl just wants me to keep talking to her, but I have to leave." "Mean Girl" also made an appearance, trying to throw Emily in the trash and take all her toys. Hmmm.

Today in school Emily made this cool little turkey for her art project. It was really cute. On our way to the car I was exclaiming over it and telling her how cool it looked and how much I liked it. She just looks up at me, kinda nods and says, "Of course you do, Mom." Ah, the absolute confidence of a child.

About three weeks after school got out for the summer Emily comes up to me and says, "You must think I'm sick or something."
I looked at my perfectly healthy girl and asked, "What makes you think that?"
"I haven't been to school or ballet in a very long time" came the perfectly logical reply. Oh honey, that's called summer vacation.

We were in Ecuador getting ready to drive three hours to my parents house. As my brother climbed into the car he muttered "Oh crap". Emily quickly echoed him. He tried to tell her that's not a word little girls should say, but Emily protested, "Why can't I say it if I know what it means?" Of course I had to ask what HER definition of 'oh crap' is. She logically replied, "That's what you say when you think, 'oh no, now what am I going to do'." Nice.

We stayed one night in LA on our way to Ecuador. We rode a shuttle from the airport which Emily thought was very cool. They had a recording that announced the upcoming stops on the way and made little safety announcements, ect. Emily turns to me and asks, "Why does that lady say, 'please don't forget your bags' when the man takes them off the bus for us?" Umm...

Although Emily has outgrown the stage of cutely mispronouncing words, she has moved on to using big words in the wrong context, and making up words of her own. She will occasionally describe things as being romantic, for example "These shoes are so romantic." When she uses a word in the wrong context I love to ask for her definition. The elaborate explanations she comes up with are so entertaining. Recently we were in the car when she stated, "It's almostraffical out here"
"What does 'almostraffical' mean?" I inquired.
"That's when you have to watch very carefully not to hit other cars." she explained. Not far off actually.

Oh my Emily, I love you so. You are such a little firecracker. Sometimes I don't know if I'll be able to stay ahead of you. 

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