Saturday, July 29, 2006

Here's to you, Four-month Old

Happy Day little girl. You are four months old. Even though it sounds lame I'll say, the time has flown by. You grow more fun and more beautiful everyday. I love you from the top of your little Yoda ears to the tips of your chubby toes. You are so much fun laughing and smiling. You get so excited when someone talks to you. Your eyes focus like a tracking beam as soon as a person walks into the room and then follows them around like one of those paintings that always seem to be looking at you no matter where you stand. You are no longer content lying around, now you want to be sitting up watching the action. You don't suck your thumb or even a pacifier, but can regularly be seen slurping away on your bottom lip. Sometimes you alternate by sucking on the side of your arm. You are so silly. What will happen when you get teeth? If you smile when you're doing it you make this funny clicking noise from your tongue sucking away at nothing. I love the throaty giggles you reward me with if I tickle you just right. I love how you gaze adoringly at your big sister even when she's making mean faces at you. I love how your eyes sparkle when you're really happy. And I love at the end of the day how you turn your head to the side, cover your face with your arm and fall asleep. You are my precious, beautiful girl and I'm so glad to have you.


  1. She's precious! Happy 4-month b-day, little one!

  2. Beautiful tribute...brought me to tears! Love, Mom