Sunday, July 2, 2006

What's In A Name

So, I've jumped on the blogging band wagon. I've been reading a journal on Baby Center since shortly after my daughter, Emily, was born. I've always thought it would be cool to have something similar to help keep track of special memories, even better then a baby book, but I just never got anything started. I've been enjoying watching Christoph blog and reading the blogs of our friends who do so, and suddenly I thought, why not. This could be fun.

Then came the somewhat difficult process of figuring out what to call it. That's part of the fun, right? I figure most of my entries will have something to do with my daughters. Our first thought was Mudder Thoughts. It sounds a bit strange, but Mudder is one of the many names Emily calls me. Katrina doesn't call me anything yet, at least not out loud.

Thinking about a name for my blog got me to thinking about nicknames in general. It's kind of an interesting concept, shortening a person's name or just calling them something else. I've been "lortz" to my family as long as I can remember, "rabbit" in highschool, "guido burrito" in college. Now I get "honey" and "Mudder" from Emily. She started calling me Mudder after hearing Bambi call his mom "Mother" in the movie. Obviously she got the "honey" from hearing Christoph and I refer to each other as such. Emily became "The Mem" at about five months old, and somehow it just fits. I thought about "Kitty" for Katrina since this is what Emily would suggest almost every time we asked her opinion on what she thought we should name her baby sister. Christoph came up with "Bee" as in Emily is A and Katrina is B. That one has stuck. And don't get me started on pet names. What can I say, nicknames make life interesting. And in our family at least, show affection and love.

However, as you can see Mudder Thoughts didn't stick. I just never quite liked the ring of it. Then I remembered the Audio Adrenaline song Bloom. The lyrics of that song speak so clearly of this "season" of my life. I love the words...
I'm a season past Springtime
And my life has gone BOOM
Keep my eyes on the Father
Everything is in Bloom

Christoph and I actually used the song in a promo video we made for our Sunday School class at church. It didn't go over too well, we think maybe it was a little to abstract/artsy for most of the congregation. Oh well, we liked it. I hope you will enjoy reading about all the ways my life is and has been blooming and I'll try not to be a drama queen when I'm feeling the Boom.


  1. Way to go Lisa on starting a blog! Capturing and sharing these moments can be a wonderful thing and a powerful testimony of God's faithfulness over time.

    I have always wondered what kids will say later when they can find the history of their lives on the Internet instead of localized to the picture-book mom pulls out to embarrass them when their friends come over. I would imagine that journaling allows for older children to "catch up" on communication from parents from the time period in which they were too young to understand.

    Probably most people in life don't journal enough, causing memories to be lost. Take the reverse, parents journalling about their own lives, so their kids can cherish them. I know my brother gave my dad a life memories book, allowing him to capture interesting things from his life that either have never been asked, or never been recorded.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know you had a reader ;)

  2. Thanks for letting me know you\'re reading. I like your input on the whole journaling thing!