Wednesday, January 10, 2007


You are nine months old sweet thing! Where is the time going? You are such a little chunk now, it's getting hard to carry you around. You celebrated starting your ninth month by getting your top two front teeth. That brings you up to four chompers! You are glad to have them too because baby food is getting really uninteresting to you. You watch others eat with rapt attention, smacking your lips, but when you're offered a bite of your food, you clamp your lips shut and turn your head away. I can't say that I blame you, but there is the whole choking factor to consider. We are experimenting with different kinds of food to offer you. You love cut up banana and (shhh) French fries.

We celebrated your first Christmas and it was pretty fun. You were of course initially more interested in the wrapping paper then the gifts, but you quickly developed a love for your Care Bear. It is so cute to see you snuggle up to it.

You are so mobile these days. You can get from sitting to lying and then back to siting again. You don't crawl so much as slide, but that doesn't slow you down at all. Soldiers could take lessons from you. You pull yourself all over the house, sliding along on your stomach. Some day you'll figure out that those legs are good for more then just the occasional extra leverage and steering.

You are mostly a cheerful little girl. We can always tell when it's nap time, because that's the only time you're cranky. You love being able to chase the kitty and try to involve yourself in anything big sister is doing. Both of them are going a little more crazy the more mobile you get. I've noticed that Emily has gotten very bossy this last month. She's going to keep you toeing the line. We are starting a new year and I can tell it's going to be so much fun! I love you!

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