Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Wow, here you are 10 months old. I think I say this every month, but the time is just flying by. You are officially a total chub at this point. Now that you are on formula and solids your weight has jumped right back to the 90th percentile! Your thighs are just luscious. =)

You had your 10 month old well check and they did the Denver on you. You did pretty good on the social section, but you don't wave bye-bye which 80% of ten-month olds do. You are a couple of months behind in the language and gross motor section, no words other then da-da-da, which you use for everything, and you aren't pulling yourself to stand yet. That is no surprise. Your sister was "late" on crawling, walking, ect. too. You did awesome in the adaptive section, scoring at about the 13 month level. The nurse said she has never seen a baby put the block in the cup as fast as you did. That could be because your favorite toy involves putting balls into little slots. You sit and grin and laugh and plunk the ball through over and over. You are very skilled at picking things up and moving things around. I don't worry about all this, I know you're cruising along at your own pace and you'll get to the walking and talking soon enough. It is kind of interesting to think about it from a personality angle. You definitely like manipulating the world around you! Emily made the observation after your appointment that your eyes were following Dr Bartlett's stethoscope the whole time he was examining you.

You are such a sunny, smiling baby. You have decided you are done with baby food and only want to eat big people food. The problem with that is you still only have four teeth! So, we have been experimenting with chunks of things that dissolve easily. It's hard not to have a carb heavy diet this way, because the other thing is, you like a lot of variety. We can't get away with feeding you the same thing day after day. You'll eat three bites of green beans and then spit them out until we offer you something else. So opinionated already!

You love your big sister and she loves you too. she gets frustrated sometimes when you get into her stuff, but she loves to make you smile and no one can make you smile quicker then her.

I love you baby girl. Everyday holds more delights with you in our world!

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