Monday, July 21, 2008

Six Weeks

Micah, I can't believe how big you are already. I was expecting the time to fly by, but it is still catching me by surprise. Last night for the first time you gave me a genuine smile. You've be practicing for a few weeks now, especially those sweet little smiles in your sleep. Lots of those getting ready smiles, when you're staring into space and they seem to be elicited by some mysterious force. Then last night the smiles were the full-fledged, absolute, real thing. I took you out of the bath tub and wrapped you in your towel and I was snuggling you a little bit and staring into your eyes and you cooed and I smiled at you and you gave me a huge grin. You were trying so hard to talk, your mouth would work and work and then a little coo would come out. I'd talk back and you just kept smiling and smiling. Of course I called Daddy over to see, and you looked into his face and rewarded him with a big smile too! It's one of the most beautiful things a parent can see. It wasn't a fluke either, because you did it a few times today too.

You are growing like a little weed. We went to the MD for your check up and you weigh 11lbs, 5oz now! You still have deep blue eyes and your funny little cowlick that looks like a silver streak across your head when the sun hits it. You still get the hiccups several times a day, but it never fazes you. Your little arms and legs are filling out and getting those Michelin Man creases I just love to squeeze. You lare landing somewhere in between you sister on the pacifier/thumb issue. Emily was a hard core thumb sucker. Katrina didn't want to have anything to do with either. You will sometimes take the pacifier and like to suck on your fist, but haven't fully committed to either. We'll see where that goes. I've been taking hundreds of pictures of your perfect little toes which Daddy teases me about unmercifully. I can't help it, I just love you and you are so beautifully and wonderfully made.

You are making your place in our little family. Your sisters love to talk to you and have been great little helpers. It's a challenge sometimes keeping them from smushing you in their excitement. You are getting more fun everyday and soon you'll be in the mix, keeping up with the best of them. Love you sweetie!

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