Friday, August 8, 2008

The Things They Say

You may remember my previous post about kids saying things that can sound unintentionally incriminating. Well, I have a little follow up here. Recently I bought some fresh thyme to use in a recipe.  Of course they don't sell you just a tablespoon of the stuff, so I had quite a bit left over. I decided to dry it instead of throwing it away. So, it's sitting on the counter spread out on a paper towel. Today as I was making lunch, Katrina climbed up beside me on a chair as she is wont to do. She likes to supervise and snitch bites. Suddenly she proclaims, "Look Mommy, there's your special grass!" pointing to the thyme. I couldn't help but laugh. First my older daughter is calling me a pot head, now the younger one is talking about my special grass. I don't do drugs, I swear! Thank goodness CPS has better things to do then eavesdrop on our conversations.

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