Friday, October 3, 2008

Another First Day

First DayI told myself we wouldn't do it. We had decided it would be better to wait. Then like the squeaky wheel, the drip, drip of water against a stone, you wore me down until I gave in. So, at the tender age of two, you-my sweet Katrina, started preschool.

Emily started Kindergarten almost a month ago. You've missed your playmate so much. The first week you hardly left my side. I would tell you to go play and you would just look up at me sadly and say, "I can't, Mommy." You also started asking every single day when, where, and how you were going to go to "pretty school". Since potty-training is somewhat in hand (a requirement for school) we decided to let you go.

Your first day you were very excited, although shy at the same time. Things didn't go very smoothly and so we were fifteen minutes late. Not how I wanted to start your first day. Perhaps it was for the best. By then all the other parents were gone and things were pretty quiet. We went into your classroom and washed your hands and met your teacher. You looked very nervous, but you didn't cry. When I picked you up you excitedly rattled off all the things you had done. Sat in a circle, sang songs, had snack, played on the playground, and made crafts!

PreschoolerI have to admit, I'm more sad about you starting school then I was about Emily. I wasn't planning on letting you go until you turned three. I think part of my sadness is because I feel like your baby-hood slipped by so fast and now I see your toddler-hood slipping by too. You are my fast paced little bundle of joy who loves to snuggle and loves to play with babies. I'm glad you like preschool. I know you are going to have so much fun there and learn lots of new things. I'll do my best to treasure all the little moments and never forget to cherish your sweet hugs and kisses.

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  1. I'm so glad Katrina is in Alex's preschool class:) Everytime I ask Alex if Katrina is in her class she smiles and says "ummm nooo"- She's so silly!