Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here Comes Easter

It's been a busy, but mostly fun week. I love doing traditional things with my kids, even though I don't always feel like I'm very good at it. I am not the most patient person in the world, especially when the whining starts and small children don't listen when I tell them to sit in their seats. (note: I included a picture of our permanently dyed table after Katrina dumped the container of red coloring.) It was nice to do something fun amongst the busyness. I've always loved the colors and patterns of dyed eggs. I tried baking the Easter bread that my Grandma always used to make us. I think it came out pretty well. It brought back lots of good memories. Then today we had a get-together with people from church which included an Easter egg hunt. It was fun watching Emily look for the eggs. (Katrina was too scared by the loud motorcycles from the neighbors to do much hunting.) Emily spent the rest of the day re-hiding the eggs and making Katrina find them. It was nice to watch Emily get into the Easter story told to the kids at the get-together. She excitedly shouted "He was risen" at the right point in the story. It's good to know she doesn't just think it's all about candy. Tomorrow my in-laws will come over for lunch after church. Let's hope the food comes out well!

Easter Parade at Preschool
Dying Eggs

Dyed Table

Italian Easter Bread Dolls

 Easter Egg Hunt

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