Monday, March 10, 2008

Visiting the Ducks

Today we met up with Christoph at work, had lunch together and fed the ducks. I've been asked to post some belly pictures, (or as Hollywood would say, pics of the bump) so I took advantage of the pretty outdoors and had Christoph snap some shots. Despite her look of distrust, Katrina had a ball with the ducks. She was so funny yelling, "Come here ducky, come here." She would throw the bread and say "Catch, you're welcome." Emily was like a little machine gun firing off pieces of bread like little bullets. It was cute to see both my girls unconsciously following in my footsteps and trying to make sure all the ducks got a little, instead of just throwing indiscriminately. I love getting out of the house for a little while to sit outside.

Me in all my largeness