Monday, March 17, 2008

Oregon Coast Aquarium

This weekend we went to the aquarium with our friends Mike and Becky to celebrate their baby Connor's first birthday. Despite the crazy weather (rain, sun, hail) it was lots of fun. I think Connor enjoyed himself, even though he probably didn't realize he was the cause of all of it. It was so fun to see him attack his cake. Thanks guys for a fun day! Of course I can't resist the opportunity to post pictures of the girls. I'll throw in some random sea creatures so I don't seem obsessed. ;)


  1. Your girls are growing so fast! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the pictures.
    I had the funniest, most random dream this past weekend. I dreamed Nate and I went up to Oregon to visit you guys. I couldn't wait to meet Katrina and see her beautiful curls. But, when we got there her hair was as straight as a board! I was so sad...
    Sure would love to see you guys next time you're in town. And, maybe we really could take a trip up the coast this year and visit the growing Neumann family.

  2. LOL! That's a funny dream. I've been afraid to cut her hair because I've had so many random people come up to me and tell me their kids had hair just like hers until they hers until they cut it for the first time. We would love you guys to come visit! We have a big guest room! Oregon is beautiful in the summer! You're welcome anytime!