Thursday, May 8, 2008


Spring is my favorite season. Especially since we've moved up here to Oregon. After the cold, rainy winter, I love the more temperate sunny days and seeing the flowers and plants popping up all over and bursting into bloom. This spring has been a bit of a weird one here. The weather was warming up and then we had freak hailstorms, snow, rain, all in the course of one day. It was vacillating a lot between cold and warm. At one point it snowed a little and according to records it hadn't snowed in Corvallis that late in the year since the early 1900's! I love spring because the weather is sunny, but not hot. I love the cool weather and watching the clouds constantly changing. I have to admit that I haven't minded that the weather has stayed cold, being as I'm in the end of my pregnancy. On the days it's been in the 80's I've felt sooo hot. Lucky for me, only four more weeks, so I'm not worried about the weather suddenly making me miserable. ;) Here are some pictures I took when spring was first starting to peek it's head.

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