Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hazing of the Bedspread

**TMI alert, continue at your own risk**
I wanted to write a post about spring time, (I probably still will at some point, since it's my favorite season) but I really need to fold laundry before I go to bed, so just a quick "ugh" post instead. The beautiful room I posted pictures of recently has now truly become a kids room. The girls got the stomach flu and the beautiful quilts got their first spewing. I must say, they washed just fine. Yeah! Now if Christoph and I can just stay well. I'm too tired to be sick! On a side note, after lying around all day as if glued to the couch, Emily somehow dredged up the energy to change Katrina's diaper. What a sweet big sister. Christoph and I were upstairs making their beds. I'm hoping no early AM wake ups to vomiting children tonight. I have a feeling tomorrow the diarrhea will begin...

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