Saturday, April 5, 2008


My girls are growing up. Last Saturday they turned five and two. We had a big all day bash starting with a small party for Emily (she wanted to invite three friends). She picked a daisy cake and wanted to have piƱata. We also painted flower pots and planted little flowers to keep with the theme.

 Then after Katrina's nap we had friends and their kids come over for Katrina's ladybug themed party. I thought about a ladybug shaped cake, but the thought of kids and all that black and red frosting was too much for me to stomach! I bought live ladybugs and let the kids play with them. It was a big hit! I felt a little evil, since the weather was still so cold, but the whole next week was nice and sunny, so they had chance to survive. It seemed like everything went smoothly and people had fun. I was tired!

Emily: This last year has been one of change for you sweet girl. You are growing up in every way. Looking back over pictures your face has lost the last of it's baby chubbiness and your long, thin legs seem to stretch on for miles. This year you stopped sucking your thumb, you got stitches, your ears pierced, not to mention lots of little milestones. You amaze me at every turn at the intellectual questions you ask me and your sweet view of the world. You constantly strive to figure things out and oscillate between a super sweet helper and an ornery complainer. If I've learned anything this year it's that you are one determined little kid. this can either be your strongest asset or your biggest deterrent. You love music, building and creating things, and playing make believe. I love you!

Katrina: I can't believe you're two! My baby is sprouting right before my eyes. Of course this year was full of change for you, the year between one and two always is. You changed from a crawling, cooing baby, to a walking, non-stop talking, toddler. You keep me busy with your constant curiosity and very active hands. I love watching your personality emerge more and more every day. You love to "help" me in the kitchen (is that because you can snitch bites when I'm not looking?) and could play dress up all day. Your current favorite question is "What doing?" and that just about sums you up little one. You always want to be involved in whatever is happening and always seem to be doing something! No one can melt my heart faster then you with requests to cuddle, kisses, and your sweet, "I la-you, mama". I don't get as much done with you around, but I get other rewards in return. I love you!


  1. We wish we could have been there!

  2. Your cake was really tasty! I'm impressed you made two cakes from scratch for the girls' parties. Don't get your hopes too high for Madison's party;)