Thursday, September 11, 2008

Indian Summer

I think it was Anne of Green Gables (via L.M. Montegomery) who said, "My life is a graveyard of buried dreams." It sounds like something the dramatic, young Anne would say. Well, my blog is a graveyard of buried posts. I get idea for posts all the time, but it seems I only get around to writing about a third of them. This summer we did so many fun things. I wanted to write about a lot of them, but it never happened. Part of the reason is I had so many pictures I felt overwhelmed in sorting through them and figuring out which to include. So, I turned to Flickr. I've spent a lot of August playing around on Flickr. It's wonderful and addictive. My thought is that instead of cluttering up my posts with lots of pictures like I usually do, I'll have one or two, directly linked to Flickr, and the die hard (ahem-Grandmas) can click and see more pictures there. Well, by the time I got that figured out, summer was over and no posts! So, I thought I'd just give a little summary and a slide show and call it a day. Too bad for me I didn't know that dumb wordpress has a bug that won't let me display the slide show I made. So, I'll include a link at the end.

On July 4th we took off for California. We spent a little over a week visiting friends and family and having fun. It was great to see everyone! One of the many highlights for the girls was picking lemons straight off the tree and making lemonade out of them. Thank you Heastys for opening your home only two weeks after having a baby and Bartles for giving us a place to stay all week and entertaining us to boot! Thanks to all of you who fed us and gave us great fellowship-you know who you are! We had a blast.

A few weeks later we went camping for the weekend with a group from our church. I was nervous about going camping with a six week old, but it went surprisingly well. The girls had a blast being out doors surrounded by friends for two whole days.

This was followed up by a visit from my Dad who got to meet his new grandbaby for the first time. I love having my Dad around. It's really fun watching him interact with my kids.

The rest of the summer was spent picking all kinds of berries, going to the pool, visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium and even going to the beach a couple of times. The summer blew by and now school has started and it's gone. I hope we made some good memories for our kids. If not, we made some for ourselves!

Slide Show 

**Well, in the process of moving/updating my blog I see that will soon be no more. All the pictures from the slide show are available as a Picasa Album, so if you'd like to look at them you can click on the link.

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