Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Name Game

Have you ever tried to explain something to your kid and just felt at a loss? Sometimes it's so hard to take a abstract concept and put it into concrete terms a kid can understand. For example: This morning I was getting Katrina dressed and Emily asks me, "Mommy, what will Katrina's name be when she is as big as me?" I look at her and say, "Her name will be Katrina." It was quite obvious from the look on her face that she was not happy with that answer. "What do you want her name to be?" I asked. "I want it to be Emily, like me," she stated emphatically. I tried valiantly to explain that you get your name when you're born and you keep that name for the rest of your life. Of course as I'm telling her this, all the exceptions start running through my head, but remember I'm trying to keep things simple. After my big explanation, using real life examples of babies being born and getting named, how she was named Emily when she was born; she just looks at me and says, "But, I wanted my name to be Katrina when I was a baby!" Oh boy. I give up.

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