Thursday, August 31, 2006

Five Months and Counting

Wow. I can't believe another month has passed all ready. Little Bee, you are growing up before my eyes. You haven't changed much as far as size and weight, but you are making your age known in subtler ways.
This month you figured out how to blow raspberries and it is your new favorite form of communication. Raspberry blowing interspersed by squeals. Nothing makes you smile easier or faster than your big sister. Your eyes follow her adoringly around the room. You also started eating real food this month! You've been watching us like a hawk whenever we eat, taking an acute interest bouncing and licking your lips. When you were offered your first bite of Rice Cereal you lunged for it and slurped it down. The first three days we fed you, you cried angrily in protest when you realized the dish was empty. We finally got the hint and started giving you more. Forget the 1-2 tsp recommended in the baby books, you're a growing girl! After two weeks you have figured out that you don't need to stuff your fingers in your mouth in order to swallow. Feeding times have gotten much less messy consequently. You are starting to hold up your arms to be picked up and grab my head to hug me back when I cuddle you. I'm sure when you lean forward and gum my jaw-line it's your way of trying to give kisses, and it makes me love you all the more! I love how you interact with me more and more every day, even though there is a shadow of sadness as I see my baby disappearing already. I love you silly girl!

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