Friday, August 11, 2006

Growing Bigger Every Day

No, I'm not talking about my stomach. That fortunately has stopped growing now that Katrina is born. Now if it would just start shrinking... I'm talking about my kids (what a surprise). I recently came across an article in Parenting magazine that intrigued me and weirded me out at the same time. This lady took pictures of her daughter every year wearing the same bathing suit, showing how she was growing. It intrigued me because I've been doing something similar with my girls and it was fun to see the final results. It was suggested to me by a co-worker when I was pregnant with Emily. Basically, you take repeated pictures of your child with the same stuffed animal. The first year you take one picture every month and then yearly after that. It's been fun to see Emily start out smaller then her lamb and then this year finally pass it up.

                Emily at 4 weeks

Emily at 3 years

I've started doing the same thing with Katrina. It was cool to see the pictures in Parenting and see that it really does make an impact when you look at all the pictures lined up. It seemed a little odd to me to use a bathing suit, although the one used was a tasteful item that looked like it came from the 50's. In some ways clothes would make the child's growth more dramatic. Anyway, I just thought I'd share this idea, you could probably use a variety of things to chronicle your child's growth. I'm having fun taking pictures with the lambs! We have the added fun that both lambs were presents from Grandma for their first Easter, so there is that sentimental note as well. Now I just need to make sure the lambs survive playing, moves, and life in general.

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