Saturday, September 23, 2006


It just dawned on me, that I have not posted for almost the entire month of September. This month literally flew by and all the times I thought I might blog just never came. There was always something more pressing to do. Either that, or I was just too brain dead for the creative juices to flow. I feel so sad that Emily has been in school for two and half weeks now and I haven't blogged about it yet. Katrina rolled over for the first time, and I haven't written about that either. Not to mention all the random things that have happened to me. The really sad thing is I have five entries started, but I haven't finished any of them. Sheesh. Hopefully next month all the other things taking up my time will disappear, and not me.

1 comment:

  1. Hey - welcome back! I completely understand about getting busy. And then there comes the guilt that you're not memorializing all these big events. But sometimes you have to jump right in and live life and there's no time to document it. Hopefully if things slow down you can go back to those old posts and catch up!