Monday, September 25, 2006

It Begins

My baby is a preschooler. It just boggles my mind to even write it. Two weeks ago was your first day of school and now I can't even pretend that you're still a toddler. It's official, you have become a preschooler. You look more and more like a little girl everyday. Your face has thinned and your legs are suddenly a million miles long. Unfortunately you are going through a phase where you hate getting your picture taken. So, your first day of school is forever immortalized with your breakfast in your mouth and bed head. Even so, you were sooo excited to start school. The week before the big day you started counting down. Every morning you would wake up and say, "Mommy, I only have to sleep four more times...three more times...two more times before I go to school!" I do have to admit, at first the main source of your excitement was having a new playground to play on. We went to buy some markers, the only school supply you needed, and you ordered me, very seriously, to "Put those markers back Mommy. I won't be coloring at school. I'm only going there to play on the playground." You have had five days of school and everyday you are sad when it is time to go home. You love your teacher, Mrs. Denise and are glad to have your friend Andrea in your class. It is so fun to pick you up and have you tell me all about your morning. What songs you sang, what you played, what snack you ate. I love you my sweet girl and I hope you can hold on to your love of learning for the rest of your life.

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