Friday, January 11, 2008


Well, it's a new year and I've been itching to get back to blogging. At the same time I have so many other things to do and don't really want to do anything but sleep. We had a snow day on Mon, so I took advantage and finally took our Christmas tree down. Before I launch into talking about things in this new year, I feel I should acknowledge the year that just ended. I confess I'm pretty much copying friend's ideas. I like both Amy and Sara's blog posts, so I'm kinda combining the two. Thanks ladies for the inspiration! Here's a list of my favorite things about the past year, in no particular order:

1. Moving to a new job that challenges my nursing skills.
2. Christoph getting a new job so I can work less hours.
3. Hearing Katrina say "I love you" for the first time.
4. Laughing when she turns it into a game and says it over and over and over.
5. Seeing Emily make a big decision (ears pierced) and not turn back, even when it involved pain.
6. Celebrating Emily's 4th and Katrina's 1st Birthday with a all-day family day.
7. Learning I can fly internationally by myself with two small girls.
8. Watching my daughters experience the sights, smells, and tastes of my childhood.
9. Seeing Katrina grow from a baby to a full-fledged toddler.
10. Seeing Emily's turn into a lanky kid before my eyes.
11. Celebrating seven years of marriage.
12. Getting a new car.
13. Traveling.
14. Strengthening friendships.
15. Getting a new sister-in-law.
16. Having a healthy pregnancy.
17. Going through Emily's first bout with the stomach flu and finding it less horrible then I had imagined.
18. Slowly (very) organizing my house.
19. Being able to go to Ladies night more consistently.
20. Seeing my parents several times.
21. Participating in Water Babies with Katrina.
22. Seeing Emily dance ballet.
23. Watching Christoph excel in his new job.
24. Having a wonderful husband who appreciates the little things.
25. Seeing Emily write her name for the first time.
26. Having Katrina spontaneously say "thank you".
27. Enjoying Emily's first knock-knock joke.
28. Exercising consistently for three months.
29. Using the rain as an excuse to stop.
30. Having a reason to take naps.
31. Discovering Snapfish and making a photo album of each of the girls first year.
32. Rediscovering the joy of being home in the evenings.
33. Watching the Amazing Race.
34. Seeing grass in my backyard.
35. Going away for the weekend with my hubby.
36. Finding out Emily can be brave when the situation demands it (stitches).
37. Watching Katrina's sense of humor develop.
38. Watching my husband hang out with my Dad and brothers and enjoy it.
39. Seeing my girls play with each other.
40. Snuggling with my girls, even as they outgrow my lap.
41. Hearing Katrina's sweet mispronunciations.
42. Being able to communicate with Katrina.
43. Having Emily love Bible stories.
44. Playing new Nintendo DS games
45. Finding time to read.
46. Taking moments just to drink a cup of tea and watch the world around me.
47. Trying new recipes and finding them good.
48. Splurging on a new stroller.
49. Getting my dream diaper bag for a fraction of the cost on Ebay.
50. Having my family love me, loving them back, and telling each other everyday.

It's been a year full of new experiences and growth. I'm having fun watching my girls growing up and hopefully helping them learn and develop. this year promises even more growth and change, as well as new challenges, I'm sure. Ready or not, here we go!


  1. Great Post! It sounds like you *love* being a mom. Your girls are growing up so fast! I never used to understand the adults who told me (as a kid) I was growing up so I'm one of them! Thanks for sharing your joys from 2007.

  2. Yay for a great 2007 and here's to an even better 2008! Soooo curious to find out what kind of dream diaper bag you ended up getting. I'm in the market for a new one and am weighing all my options right now!

  3. I do love being a mom, although it\'s a little scary sometimes how much of my life revolves around them. :) The diaper bag I got is a Petunia Pickle Bottom. I like how it has either backpack or over the shoulder straps. I also like the built in changing pad, but most of all I like the fun fabrics they come in. I do feel a little self-conscious carrying it around, because only I know I bought it used on ebay and didn\'t pay $150, but I can deal with it. The down side is, Christoph won\'t touch it, says it\'s too girly. :)