Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Results Are In

Yesterday was the big day. Well, not THE big day, but a big day. It was a long day, full of work and meetings and shopping, plus lack of sleep from working the night before, but squeezed in there was my 20 week ultrasound. Obviously, we like seeing the baby move and making sure it's healthy and growing well. However, I think the biggest question on our (and everyone else's apparently) mind was, boy or girl? We found out what Emily was right away, but Katrina was shy and it wasn't until a later ultrasound that she made the big reveal. This baby was fairly co-operative and gave us a nice clear view to show, it's a boy! We are excited and happy, although not without some trepidation. After all we know what to expect with girls. :) Quite honestly, I think my trepidation is over the thought of having three kids, no matter what sex! Emily is excited, it is after all what she was wishing for! He seemed like a pretty feisty little guy, wiggling around the entire time. My favorite was a profile shot when he lifted both hands and pushed, flat palmed against the side of my uterus. Little does he know it's going to get a lot more crowded in there! Next on the list is changing Katrina's very pink room to something a little more masculine. ;)

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