Monday, January 28, 2008

Looming Thirty

I'm going to be turning thirty in a little less then two weeks. I hadn't really been thinking about it that much, it was just there, one more birthday. I have been feeling older, but I think that's partially related to being pregnant and having no energy. I try not to think about the fact that in two weeks my metabolism will bomb and it will be even harder to lose weight. :) Then I was on my way to work a few weeks ago and was listening to NPR. Weekend America was on and they did a little spot about turning thirty. They mentioned that for a lot of people turning thirty brings a lot of pressure, pressure to get a job, get married and start a family. They also mentioned that in 1960 70% of thirty year olds had done those things. In 2000 it was less then 40%. I'm sure there are a lot of reasons for this, not the least of which is, some of those aren't such popular goals anymore, and there is less urgency to do them. The spot went on to interview a girl who felt she had accomplished the goals she set for thirty by the time she was twenty-eight. So, for the last year of her twenties she decided she would do something new every day. Most of them were small things, but she seemed to be having fun with it. So, I started to think about turning thirty a little more. I never really thought specifically about setting goals to accomplish by thirty, and yet, I have accomplished the "typical" landmarks. I'm married, have started a family, and even have a "career". I am happy to have those things and I think thirty would be more depressing for me if I didn't, but...I kinda wish I had done something more personal to commemorate the last year. Now there is less then two weeks left and no time or energy to do anything spectacular. However, I'm not going to give up that easily. I thought about it and decided to take a picture of something every day that I am thankful for, that impacts my life, or just makes me happy. So, here is the first one:

It's a little silly, but I love snow. It's so pretty and peaceful looking. It takes the ordinary, everyday and completely changes your point of view. It's really easy to appreciate when we don't get very much of it! :) (Sorry, I couldn't choose between the two pictures.)

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  1. WOW! THIRTY! Some day you'll look back and think how young that was. I had Heather when I was 31 and Jen when I was 35. With a houseful of girls I can remember being tired a lot. But you are right - they are a big part of the everyday things you thank God for. And you always will. I'm happy that you will be having a boy for Emily and Katrina to torment! I've really enjoyed reading your thoughts, although I don't really have time today. I'm sure I'll be back.
    Love you,