Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Fourteenth

December Fourteenth
It snowed today! This morning there was a thin layer over everything. The snow was still coming down, but not sticking very much. The girls, needless to say, were pretty excited. On the way to church Katrina looked at me with shining eyes and said, "It's Christmas time, Mommy." That just about sums it up. All the snow had melted by this afternoon and everything was just wet. Then at about 6:00pm it started snowing again, and snowing and snowing! For us, this is a lot of snow. I'm fairly certain school will be canceled tomorrow!

We usually get snow for a couple of days each year. It's just about the right amount for me. Enough to be fun, but not enough to be a hassle. Usually, the snow doesn't come until January, but this year it's come early. Part of me thinks this is really fun, it makes Christmas seem more Christmassy. The other part of me feels a little stressed out. I'm trying to get ready for our Christmas company (arriving Wed) and having two kids not going to school will make that more complicated. I also worked an extra day so I could hire someone to help me clean (yea!) and I'm worrying that they are going to cancel on me because of the weather. I know there's no point in worrying, I'll just do the best I can, but it still sneaks in every once in a while. Snow is so beautiful, I'll just have to remind myself to look out the window and know that will make me feel better!

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