Monday, December 1, 2008

Taking a Challenge

I was just reading the latest on DP Blogs and thinking about being consistent in taking pictures. This of course lead to thinking about being consistent about blogging. I'm not real good at either. When things get hectic, both tend to get pushed to the end of my list. I wanted to be better about blogging in November, and now the whole month has gone by and I didn't write a single post. I look at December's to do list and things don't look promising. So, perhaps this is not the best time to take on a new challenge. Here's where the little bit of crazy in me comes to the surface and I'm embracing a new challenge with alacrity.

I quite honestly have not been looking forward to this month. With all that is in me I have been dreading Christmas this year. I won't say that those feelings aren't still there, but after listening to Christmas music on my way home from the airport I started to remember why I like this holiday. So, I'm going to join the December Photo Project for several reasons. 1.) it will force me to both take pictures and post something on my blog every day. 2.) It will hopefully help me focus on things I love and enjoy this month instead of just obligations. 3.) It gives me a little bit of time for two things I love-taking pictures and blogging, without feeling like I'm stealing tons of time from other things.

I like this project because from what I can see, the pictures don't have to focus on Christmas. It's just a glimpse of what your focus is on that day. So, while I'm sure there will be more then a few Christmas pictures, that won't be the only focus. I'll post my first picture later on today. Wish me luck!

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