Thursday, December 4, 2008

December Fourth

December Fourth

Micah, you're six months old today. Halfway to a year already. It's hard for me to believe. It's also hard for me to believe how incredibly sweet you are. Your gentle grin can brighten up the grayest day. You have the most patience of any baby I've ever seen, which is good because your sisters can be very demanding. You've mastered the skill of rolling over from your back to your tummy, but haven't yet connected that with the fact that your tummy is a place you hate to be. For some reason you've decided that sucking on the back of your hand, only your right hand mind you, is the most comforting thing you can do for yourself. You've given yourself a little hickey that never quite heals. You're following in the tradition of your sisters and are quite the little growler, although I'd say you've kicked it up a notch. Their growls were never quite as nuanced as yours are. You carry on entire conversations just in growls. I love the little sense of humor that you're developing and the gleam of delight that appears in your eyes when your sisters move into your line of sight. You enrich our lives everyday and I love you!

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  1. He is the sweetest baby ever born. You should add his name to the top line up there . . . ;oP

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