Saturday, December 20, 2008

December Seventeenth

December Seventeenth

Micah had his six month well check today. He was a little trooper through his shots. He only cried for a couple of minutes. Katrina was with me on this trip, maybe that helped. She is so sweet. She likes to stand next to him and say, "It's ok baby Micah, don't cry, I'm here with you." If Emily comes she has to stand out in the hall during shot time. =)

I fully planned to take the camera with me to snap a shot of the two of them together at the Pediatrician's office. After running around getting Emily ready for school, the other two ready to go with me, breakfast for everyone, myself ready, it wasn't until I was checking in at the office that I realized I had forgotten the camera. On a side note-we've been having lots of snow here. I had explained to Katrina when leaving the house that morning that I needed to concentrate on driving and couldn't be handing her things. When we pulled into a parking space at the doctor's office she suddenly pipes, "Yay Mommy! You didn't slip on the ice and we got here safe!" It was pretty funny.
Micah's stats are:
17lbs, 1oz
26 1/2 in

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  1. well, we know who will & who won't be the next nurse in the family